2 Weeks to the Aisle: Your Bridesmaid Shape-Up Plan

2 Weeks to the Aisle: Your Bridesmaid Shape-Up Plan

When you’re supporting the bride on her big day| you want to look and feel your very best| too! Even with the best intentions to shape up slowly over time| things don’t always go as planned| but it doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel altogether. Consider the following steps your two-week bridesmaid action plan. If you stay consistent for just 14 days| you will feel your very best once the wedding day arrives.

| Amp Up Your Workout Schedule

There’s no magic formula or special pill: your body’s composition will not change overnight| but you can take steps to feel tightened up and more confident as you walk down the aisle. If you don’t have a workout program in place| start by adding cardio workouts to your schedule; hit up group fitness classes| head out on a run| or just do something that moves you!

Take things one step further with this wedding arm plan that works the arms| shoulders| and back u2014 a must for anyone rocking a strapless number.

| Drink More Water

Staying hydrated suppresses your appetite| keeps your skin looking gorgeous| and even boosts your metabolism u2014 a triple-threat combination that does wonders before slipping on your bridesmaid dress. To double the detoxifying power of your glass| try these even better water additions. They work naturally to make every sip more powerful.

| Cut Out White Foods

According to celebrity trainers Chris and Heidi Powell| there’s a simple way to change the body instantly when you’re shaping up for a special event. If you’re consuming too much salt and sugar| a strong core can be covered up by a “”layer of water and potentially a layer of fat|”” Heidi says.

Heidi and Chris recommend getting your sodium intake down to 1|500 milligrams per day and cutting sugar down to 20 grams. Your body will naturally shed water weight and reveal your strong muscles underneath. Once you make this shift in your diet| Chris says you’ll see an “”immediate change.”” Your body may go through a day or two of detox| but the results are worth it!

| Cook at Home

When you’re serious about seeing results in your body| it’s time to step into the kitchen. Even if you think you’re ordering a “”healthy”” dish| you never know just how much butter| oil| sugar| or salt chefs are putting into your favorite restaurant dishes. Cooking at home puts you in the driver’s seat| so you can make conscious decisions about every meal. Follow our clean-eating rules that spell out what this movement is all about| and then start prepping. If you’re not much of a chef| start with our favorite Summer salads and refreshing smoothies that keep things simple.

| Choose Debloating Foods

Keeping meals clean is the most important step to see results quickly| but you can do one better by choosing recipes that help you debloat and steering clear of salt-laden snacks| carbonated sugary drinks| and loads of dairy. Between the gas| bloating| and other belly discomforts these foods bring| it’s your best bet to just say no to these problematic foods for a few days.

Our flat-belly smoothie is a refreshing and tasty breakfast that can set you up for success; a number of the ingredients included have been proven to diminish bloat and fight belly fat.

| Sleep and Relax

The easiest step you can take toward feeling your best in your dress? Get enough sleep and take the time to chill out! When you’re stressed or sleep deprived| your hormones can seriously mess with all the hard work you’re putting in.

Sleep resets your body and keeps your immune system swinging| so nothing gets in the way of the wedding excitement. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night| so you’re energized and feel your very best stepping up for the bride in your life. And if you’re stressed about all the preparation or travel| I highly recommend stepping up your yoga game with these relaxing poses.

| Back Off the Booze

Alcohol is full of empty calories and tons of sugar| which messes with all the hard work you’re putting into eating clean and working out. If you’re serious about shaping up and feeling your best before rocking your bridesmaid dress| cut out booze for (at least) two weeks leading up to the event. In addition to helping beat bloat| you’ll find that your energy skyrockets and your sleep is sounder without alcohol in your system. And just think how much sweeter that first sip of Champagne will be when you’re getting ready with the bride!