A Short and Sweet 35-Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

I must admit, I am not a true fan of the elliptical. My husband, however, loves the machine, which is why we have one. Mostly, I use the elliptical when I need a cardio fix but want to give my joints a break. The workout is less pounding than running and more convenient than cycling. Unfortunately, I find the machine boring. I keep my elliptical workouts fresh by playing with all the elements the machine has to offer: pedaling backward and alternating between pushing and pulling the handles. Adding intervals also spices up my time on the machine and I even like to work my core and go hands-free. Here is a workout that keeps me ellipticizing for 35 minutes and hopefully it will work for you too.

Time Resistance SPM* Notes

00:00-3:005130Warm Up03:00-5:005140Warm Up05:00-07:007150-160No Hands07:00-09:009150-160Hands ¡ª Push09:00-10:307130-140Backward10:30-11:008170-180Sprint11:00-12:007130-14012:00-12:308180-190Sprint12:30-13:307130-14013:30-14:308180-190Sprint14:30-16:005140-150No Hands16:00-17:008180-190Sprint17:00-18:006130-140Backward18:00-18:308190-200Forward and Sprint18:30-19:005130-14019:00-19:308190-200Sprint19:30-20:005130-14020:00-20:308200-210Sprint20:30-21:005130-14021:00-21:308200-210Sprint21:30-22:005130-14022:00-22:308200-210Sprint22:30-23:005130-14023:00-23:308200-210Sprint23:30-24:005130-14024:00-24:307140-15024:30-25:005130-14025:00-27:007130-140Backward27:00-30:005130-140Forward and Pull30:00-35:005130-140No Hands

*SPM = Strides Per Minute

My elliptical has a fixed incline at 20 percent, so set the incline between 20 and 30 percent. As always, if this is too easy or too hard, change the amount of resistance and the strides per minute. If this workout doesn’t float your boat, check out our other elliptical cardio plans. Here is a printable, image-free version to take to the gym.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart