Beyond the Treadmill: Triple-Threat Cardio

Keep things interesting at the gym with this Better-Body Challenge cardio workout plan that keeps you moving for a solid 45 minutes using three different machines. It’s a boredom-busting, fat-burning, triple-threat cardio workout using the rowing machine, elliptical, and treadmill. Don’t know much about the rowing machine? Don’t sweat it! Watch this video demonstration full of tips on using this machine.

Time Machine Notes

0:00-10:00Rowing MachineSet between 3 and 5; increase your strokes per minute for the last 15 seconds of every minute. 10:00-20:00EllipticalSet resistance between 6 and 8. Go forward for first minute, then go backward for the second; continue alternating directions every minute. 20:00-30:00TreadmillSet incline to 1 percent, and keep speed at a pace you can hold steady for 10 minutes. 30:00-35:00Rowing MachineSet damper between 4 and 5, increase strokes per minute for last 20 seconds of each minute. 35:00-40:00EllipticalSet resistance between 6 and 8. Every other minute, let go of the handles to work out your core more.40:00-45:00TreadmillSet incline to 5.0 and speed to 3.5 mph.

If you don’t like to run, skip the treadmill and hop on a bike instead. Don’t have access to a gym with all these machines? No worries. You can run outside, swim, rock it old-school with step aerobics ¡ª?just get active and keep your heart rate up for 45 minutes. Click here for a printable, image-free version of the workout.

Image Source: Shutterstock