The Veggie Hack That Cuts Calories and Carbs From Comfort Food

The Veggie Hack That Cuts Calories and Carbs From Comfort Food

As a child| I turned my nose up whenever cauliflower appeared on my plate| but my relationship with it has come a long way. This versatile cruciferous vegetable has revamped my favorite comfort foods (even mac and cheese and pizza!) into nutrient-dense| satisfying| and lower-in-carb meals. Let these four creative preparations help you change your tune about cauliflower| too.

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry

| Asian Fried “”Rice””

Unlike the greasy Chinese fried rice typical of most restaurants| this veggie-packed Paleo “”rice”” skips the food coma and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized at the end of your meal. The combination of textures and flavors in this comforting Asian-inspired recipe is spot-on| and the “”blitzed”” cauliflower (pulsed in the blender) easily subs in for rice u2014 you might even trick some picky eaters at your table with this one.

| Gluten-Free No-Mac and Cheese

Pasta-less macaroni and cheese can be delicious u2014 this cauliflower mac recipe is all the proof you need. The cheesy| creamy sauce full of coconut milk| extrasharp cheddar| and parmesan complements the cruciferous vegetable perfectly. No one will be asking “”where’s the wheat?!”” when it comes to this preparation.

| Cauliflower-Crust Pizza

Cutting back on gluten and grains? This veggie-powered pizza needs to make its way to your kitchen. Freshly grated cauliflower serves as the base for the creative and delicious crust that you can fold up just like traditional pizza. If you’re cutting back on calories| you’ll be happy to know half the pie is 272 calories.

| Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

Lighten up your standard mashed potatoes with this Paleo-friendly twist on tradition: creamy mashed cauliflower. Since the cauliflower has a much quicker cook time than potatoes| this whole recipe comes together in 20 minutes. Even with all the loaded baked potato toppings| each heaping helping of this tasty side clocks in under 110 calories.

| Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside| these cauliflower bites are the closest a vegetarian gets to a “”real”” buffalo wing experience. Before they’re baked| a dip in the garbanzo bean batter gives each cauliflower bite a crisp coating that tastes like it’s straight out of the fryer.

| Cauliflower Soup

Rich| velvety soup without any dairy? Yep| it’s possible with this vegan cauliflower soup that’s filled with vitamins and fiber to boost your immunity. You won’t miss the cream at all with this flavorful and superhealthy soup.

| Fettuccine Alfredo

Instead of milk| cheese| or cream| boiled cauliflower is combined with a handful of ingredients| resulting in a nutrient-rich cauliflower alfredo sauce that any pasta-lover will enjoy. You’ve got to taste this recipe to believe it.