Channing Tatum’s Response About His Body Proves He’s a Real Human

It’s hard to believe that Channing Tatum is ever anything less than the chiseled sex god of your dreams| but he admitted that he works really hard for that body and isn’t afraid to let it go after a movie wraps up. Reuters caught up with him on the red carpet in London for the Magic Mike XXL European premiere| and it’s refreshing to hear an honest response from him about his picture-perfect abs. “My Magic Mike body . . . lasts for about five days| like when we’re shooting. You time it until that day and then you lose it immediately|” he said.

“You gotta get naked. It’s nervous getting naked in front of one person| much less a thousand people| so it’s nerve-racking . . . all of it|” he added. When asked if he thinks “dad bod” is coming in| he said| “Even if it’s not| I’m gonna try to make it ‘in.'” While we’re not exactly proponents of the term (read: it’s sexist)| we are proponents of positive body image and hearing realistic responses from celebrities who often give the public an unrealistic standard for what it means to look good and| more importantly| be healthy.

Sidenote: who’s ready to go to the movies?

Image Source: Warner Bros.