No Ice Cream Maker Required! Low-Calorie Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

If you love Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream but don’t love that a half-cup serving is 200 calories| get out your food processor| a spoon| and a smile. This homemade ice cream is chock-full of cherry and chocolate goodness but without saturated fat and cholesterol.

Made with just four ingredients ¡ª fresh cherries| a banana| almond milk| and chocolate chips ¡ª this creamy recipe couldn’t be easier to whip up. And the flavor? Holy sweet cherry ecstasy! Seriously. You can see the fruitiness just bursting out of the bowl.

And because it’s made with fresh cherries| you get the antioxidant benefits| the filling fiber| and the potassium you wouldn’t get with a bowl of ice cream. But really| it’s the creamy texture and luscious flavor that make this recipe a winner ¡ª all for just 126 calories per lip-smacking serving.

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

From Jenny Sugar| POPSUGAR Fitness

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


If you put the ingredients in the freezer the night before| this recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make!