How Ciara Sculpted That Crazy 6-Pack

How Ciara Sculpted That Crazy 6-Pack

My first introduction to Ciara was this music video from 2010. Even beyond its in-your-face sexuality| you can tell that this woman is seriously| seriously strong. My girlfriends and I watched this YouTube video on repeat in amazement . . . and maybe trying to mimic her moves. Flash forward to five years later: Ciara gives birth to a gorgeous baby boy| and less than a year later| she releases her video for her single “”I Bet|”” which stars Ciara in four different outfits on a gray backdrop| and she’s looking incredible in each look.

Ciara’s said she’s been blessed with a natural athletic ability and told E! Online when she does the work| “”her body responds|”” but it requires a lot of work. Check out her crazy-strong gym routine.

| She’s on Fire

Ciara is a natural athlete and talented dancer| but she puts in lots of hours at Gunnar Peterson’s elite gym in LA. One thing’s for sure: this woman is not afraid of equipment. Here she’s making serious moves squatting with a grappler to Lil Wayne’s music. In the video| Gunnar says| “”there is no commentary for this. Just on fire!””

| Sculpt Your Center

Check out Ciara working out on the abdominal crunch machine! If you typically steer clear of this machine and opt for standing ab moves or bodyweight exercises instead| Ciara’s got the six-pack abs to prove that this can be an effective tool. Maybe it’s worth a try!

| The Meal Schedule

Ciara calls this green tea ice cream “”one of her addictions|”” but since giving birth to her son| her diet has been on point. Standing alongside trainer Gunnar| Ciara explained that she eats “”five to seven small meals every three hours”” when she’s rehearsing. Her biggest meal of the day is always lunch| because “”it’s burned faster”” after you train.

| On the Road Again

Now that son Future is just about a year old| Ciara is heading on the road to promote her new album| Jackie. Even when she’s not in LA working with Gunnar| she makes time to hit up the gym and sweat it out with a trainer. In her hometown Atlanta| Ciara worked out with trainer Beau Lotz and rocked a resistance trainer for the majority of her workout. This workout is no joke!