Burn-Fat, Build-Muscle Plyo Workout

Burn-Fat| Build-Muscle Plyo Workout

Add some jumping to your strength-training workouts for quicker results in this Better-Body Challenge. Catching air with plyometric exercises means burning more calories in less time. The nine moves in this circuit work your entire body| and half of them are plyo. Learn the details on each exercise below| print the workout| and then get your sweat on. Since no equipment is needed for this workout| you can do it anywhere u2014 so no excuses.

Directions: Warm up with five minutes of light cardio. Perform each three-exercise circuit three times before moving to the next. Cool down with five minutes of stretching.

| Circuit One: Jump Squat With Heel Click

We love that this combo activates the inner thighs while working the butt and quads.

  • Begin with the feet slightly wider than your hips| bend your knees| and| keeping your weight in your heels| squat.
  • Jump up as high as you can and bring your feet together so they touch.
  • Land quietly back into a squat. This makes for one rep.
  • Do 15 reps.

| Circuit One: Leg Balance Warrior 3

This exercise fires up your core by challenging your balance. As you move in and out of the pose| you will be working the back of your body too.

  • Stand on your left foot with your right leg lifted to 90 degrees and your right knee bent.
  • Reach your torso forward as you lengthen your right leg behind you. Reach your arms overhead for balance as your torso and leg come parallel to the floor. Keep your left knee slightly bent.
  • Hold this position for a moment| and reach through your right heel to engage the back of the right leg.
  • Moving in one piece| bring your right leg forward and return to standing upright. This completes one rep.
  • Do 10 reps| then switch sides.

| Circuit One: Plank With Bunny Hop

The jumping action of this exercise keeps the calories burning as your work your abs.

  • Begin in a plank position with feet touching.
  • Pull your abs in| and jump your feet to the right bringing your knees toward your right elbow. Your torso will twist to the right.
  • Jump your feet back to plank| to complete one rep.
  • Repeat on the other side and continue alternating sides for 20 reps total.

| Circuit Two: Side Skater

  • Start in a small squat. Jump sideways to the left| landing on your left leg and crossing your right leg behind you. Bring your left hand to the floor squatting low in the cross-legged position. This completes one rep.
  • Reverse directions by jumping to the right with your right leg.
  • Continue alternating sides for 30 reps.

| Circuit Two: Oblique V-Crunch

Take the V-sit and put it on its side to target the obliques; you’re going to love this variation.

  • Lie on your right side| with your left hand behind your head and right hand on the floor.
  • Press down into your right hand as you raise your straight legs off the floor bringing your torso toward your legs.
  • Lower yourself back to the floor with control. This completes one rep.
  • Do eight reps| then switch sides.

| Circuit Two: Asymmetrical Push-Up

The different hand positions work different muscles in the chest and arms. Do try to catch a little air as you move your hands from side to side to work toward a plyometric push-up.

  • Start in a plank on your knees. Move your left hand out to the side| then bend both elbows lowering your torso toward the mat. Straighten your arms to return to plank. This completes one rep.
  • Switch your hands| bringing in the left hand while stepping the right hand wide u2014 this is where you should try jump off your hands. Perform a push-up.
  • Continue alternating side to side for 10 reps.

| Circuit Three: 180 Jump Squat

Adding a half turn to the jump squat is not only fun| but also it requires extra coordination and provides more core work.

  • Start in a deep squat with your legs a bit wider than your hips and your toes pointed outward. Twist your torso to the right reaching your right hand to the ceiling and your left hand toward the floor.
  • Jump up| spinning to the left 180 degrees (halfway around) bringing both hands overhead. Land softly in a deep squat| twisting your torso to the left with the left hand reaching toward the ceiling an the right hand toward the floor. This completes one rep.
  • Repeat| but reverse directions so you jump spinning to the right going back the way you came.
  • Do 20 reps| alternating sides.

| Circuit Three: Side Elbow Plank With Leg Lift

This side plank variation really works the sides of the body: the obliques and the hips.

  • Start in a side elbow on the right side.
  • Without letting your pelvis drop| lift your left leg up so your foot is higher than your hip.
  • Lower the left leg down with control| and activate your right inner thigh to help keep you stable. This completes one rep.
  • Do 10 reps| then switch sides.

| Circuit Three: Plank With Alternating Shoulder and Knee Tap

This plank variation works the entire body!

  • Begin in a plank variation with your feet slightly wider than your hips.
  • Bring your right hand to your left shoulder| then place that hand back on the mat. Bring your left hand to your right shoulder and return it to the mat.
  • Bring your right knee and your left hand toward one another under your body; return to plank and switch sides so your left knee meets your right hand.
  • This competes one rep. Do 10 reps total.