10 Healthy Breakfasts With (at Least!) 15 Grams of Protein

10 Healthy Breakfasts With (at Least!) 15 Grams of Protein

Eating breakfast u2014 and definitely not skipping it u2014 is essential for revving up your metabolism if you’ve got weight loss on the mind. What you eat is also important| and no| a breakfast full of carbs like a bowl of cereal or a bagel isn’t the best choice. Getting enough protein is key| and nutritionists Stephanie Clarke| RD| and Willow Jarosh| RD| of if you’re avoiding dairy| try these recipes.

| Vanilla Milkshake Smoothie

Made with only four ingredients u2014 tofu| vanilla soy milk| frozen banana| and peanut butter u2014 this smoothie tastes remarkably like a vanilla milkshake. For just 328 calories| it offers 17.4 grams of protein. I promise u2014 you can’t taste the tofu whatsoever!

| Vegan Gingerbread “Buttermilk”” Pancakes

These decadent “”buttermilk”” pancakes are vegan and whip up in 30 minutes| so feel free to make a bunch and put the leftovers in the fridge for later in the week. Enjoy a stack of three| topped with a cup of fresh fruit and an eighth-cup of sliced almonds| for a 350-calorie breakfast that offers 15.5 grams of protein.

| Overnight Oats

Time to hop on the overnight oats train if you haven’t already| because this make-ahead breakfast only takes minutes to prepare. Top yours with half a container of vanilla soy yogurt and half a cup of fresh fruit| and this 450-calorie breakfast offers 15 grams of protein.

| Baked Eggs in Avocado

If you’re not avoiding eggs| these baked eggs in avocado are the perfect choice to warm you up on a cold morning. Made with avocado| eggs| and chopped chives| enjoy two halves for 449 calories and 15.2 grams of protein.

| Tofu Scramble With Kale and Sweet Potatoes

If you’re also avoiding eggs| whip up this tofu scramble made with sweet potatoes and kale. For those in a hurry| make this breakfast the night before and just warm it up in the morning. For 264 calories and 18.8 grams of protein| you can enjoy it with a small piece of toast and still be under 400 calories.

| Banana-Oat Protein Balls

For a truly on-the-go breakfast| whip up a batch of these protein balls made with only three ingredients u2014 rolled oats| banana| and protein powder. Enjoy six balls for 282 calories and 16.2 grams of protein.

| Poached Eggs With Tomato| Swiss Chard| and Chickpeas

Another savory egg dish| this play on the traditional Middle Eastern dish shakshuka incorporates both eggs and chickpeas to offer 20.1 grams of protein for 339 calories.

| Gluten-Free Almond Oatmeal Protein Bars

This recipe has your busy morning’s back. Make it the night before| and you’ve got breakfast for the week. Munch down two chewy| nutty bars| and that’s a 350-calorie breakfast with almost 17 grams of protein.

| Blueberry Grape Barley Bake

Low in sugar| this blueberry grape barley bake is sweet and satisfying. Enjoy yours with half a cup of vanilla soy yogurt for 339 calories and 15.2 grams of protein.

| Chocolate Milkshake Smoothie

More of a chocolate fan? This chocolate milkshake smoothie offers 22.1 grams of protein for 354 calories.