Spring-Clean Your System: Your Dairy-Free Meal Plan

If you’re constantly feeling bloated| then lactose might be the culprit. According to nutritionist Kimberly Snyder| “[Dairy] is the number one thing I tell my clients to stop eating” ¡ª it’s a common allergy you might not even realize you have! For lovers of milk and cheese| a life without dairy might seem impossible. Start small with this full-day meal plan full of healthy and delicious dairy-free recipes.


Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lizzie FuhrNo yogurt this morning. Instead| hard-boil your eggs in advance for a throw-together egg and avocado breakfast that will fill you up with protein and fiber| keeping you surprisingly full and satisfied until lunchtime rolls around.


Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jaime YoungFor a riff on classic mayo-laden salad| try this crunchy| refreshing not-tuna salad. Fiber-filled chickpeas combine with apples| celery| and lemon| and then everything gets wrapped up into an unexpected cruciferous veggie: collard greens.

Afternoon Snack

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lizzie FuhrA heaping portion of tabbouleh is high in iron| manganese| and vitamins C and A| all important nutrients for the body. The parsley| lemon| and mint each contain natural detoxing properties as well.


Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny SugarYou may think polenta is reserved for cheesy Italian cuisine| but this spin on the flavors of a burrito proves differently. A plate of polenta and beans for dinner is high in fiber and protein ¡ª both aid in digestion.


Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Leta ShyInstead of a milkshake| treat your body to a tall| refreshing strawberry lemonade smoothie. This cooling drink helps the body cleanse with lemons| while strawberries bring a boost of vitamin C.