Go Tropical With Our Debloating Smoothie – Under 250 Calories, Too!

If you enjoyed an enormous dinner last night or if something you ate didn’t agree with you| sip on this debloating smoothie. Made with papaya| the enzymes from the subtly sweet fruit help with digestion and prevent constipation. Throw in some pineapple| another tropical fruit that relieves belly bloat| and your stomach is soon to find relief.

The relief does not stop there ¡ª anyone who has ever been bloated can probably attest that too much sodium has played a role. Due to their potassium-rich content| banana and coconut water will help flush out the excess sodium. But if your bloating is caused by constipation| you’ll be happy to know fiber-rich spinach is one of the main ingredients. This simple and sweet smoothie will ease your tummy in no time| and it’s under 250 calories.

Debloating Smoothie

From Jenny Sugar| POPSUGAR Fitness

Debloating Smoothie


Use fresh pineapple and papaya if possible to preserve the natural enzymes.