This 1-Day Cleanse Will Reset Your Body ASAP

This 1-Day Cleanse Will Reset Your Body ASAP

Was your weekend filled with greasy| cheesy| or alcohol-infused fun? Now’s the time to get back on track. Undo your weekend with our meal ideas| from breakfast to dessert| that take advantage of the best detoxifying foods around. Read on for the recipes!

| Breakfast: Detox Green Juice

This detox green juice recipe is full of fresh ingredients that have naturally detoxifying properties| like lemon| ginger| watercress| and celery.

| Breakfast: Buckwheat Porridge

Whole grains are great for detoxing since they help keep everything moving in your gut. If you’re over oatmeal| try this buckwheat porridge recipe.

| Midmorning Snack: Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruits are one of the best ways to detox| since you’ll get your fill of vitamins and antioxidants; fresh fruits also have a high water content| which will help you flush out any toxins| so grab an apple when hunger strikes between breakfast and lunch!

| Lunch: Watercress Soup

This quick watercress soup is high in vitamins A and C as well as iron and fiber| and you’ll appreciate the varied textures and flavors of this potato-filled soup.

| Lunch: Toasted Quinoa and Cabbage

Perfect as an accompaniment to your asparagus soup or on its own| this toasted kale and cabbage dish has all the detoxifying elements: quinoa| chickpeas| and cabbage (which are all full of fiber to aid in digestion)| as well as lemon juice (to flush out toxins).

| Afternoon Snack: Almond Cherry Bites

These almond cherry bites have a lot going for them| detox-wise: whole grains| healthy fats| and cherries| which contain anti-inflammatory properties. Pair with a mug of green tea with lemon to further flush toxins out of your body.

| Dinner: Panko-Crusted Fish

Research suggests that a diet rich in omega-3s may help your body detox from environmental pollutants. This panko-crusted fish| served on a bed of nutrient-rich kale| will end your detox day on the right note.

| Dessert: Mint Chocolate Green Shake

If you’re craving something sweet after dinner| don’t undo alll your good work with a cupcake attack. This vegan mint chocolate chip shake is dairy-free| sugar-free| and full of nutritious and detoxifying greens that you won’t be able to taste.