You May Be Surprised by How Healthy This Gooey Chocolate Cake Is

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As you can guess from the title| this recipe is all things good in the world: chocolate| gooey| cake| yes. They’re also grain-free and accidentally egg-free. I went to add in the egg and we were out of eggs. Emergency crisis. I ended up giving them a whirl anyway| and the result is dense| fudge-y and glorious. The texture is a little different than a cake ¡ª they don’t really “set” until you allow them to cool and can place in the fridge for a while| too ¡ª and they’re dense and gooey. Basically they’re nuts and chocolate; so pretty much like eating trail mix| right? Right. I’ll stop trying to explain it and just say you should try it.

These brownies/cakes/bars/things are a little more labor-intensive than the usual holiday cookie| but I promise they are worth it. I mentioned this idea to the Pilot| and I’m pretty sure he asked me twice if I had made them yet. And then we ate half the pan and high-fived each other repeatedly.

These gooey cakes were inspired by the beloved Paula Deen versions (which if you haven’t tried| you need to at least once in your life). I wanted to try creating layers| with a chocolate layer on the bottom| and a lighter| chocolate chip cookie layer on the top.

This is what happened: fudge brownies| topped with light and sweet cookie dough| with chocolate chips throughout.

Double Chocolate Paleo Gooey Cake

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Double Chocolate Paleo Gooey Cake


For dairy-free chocolate chips| check out the Enjoy Life brand.