Grain-Free Cookie Dough Truffles Are the Perfect Sweet Treat

These grain-free dough balls from The Frisky Lemon are perfect for your next party.

Sometimes| you just need some cookie dough| and this healthier alternative using almond meal and honey will curb those cravings! Once you’ve mixed up your dough| drop these balls into melted chocolate to make grain-free cookie dough truffles. They’re so easy| all-natural| and so delicious.


2? cups almond flour3 Tbsp coconut flour8 Tbsp butter| softened? cup maple syrup or raw honey1 Tbsp vanilla? tsp sea salt1 to 2 cups mini chocolate chips| plus more chocolate for dipping (optional)

Makes 30 cookie dough balls.

Read the rest of the recipe for these indulgent treats at AllieNic’s blog| the Frisky Lemon.

Image Source: Frisky Lemon