The Best Electronic Music to Power Up Your Run

If electronica is what motivates you to get moving, this running playlist is about to be your new go-to. When running coach Jack Daniels analyzed the stride of professional runners, he learned that they almost all took 180 steps per minute. This higher-stride rate helps take the bounce off your step, which can help soften your landing and prevent injury. Instead of trying to do the impossible and count your steps, subscribe to this one-hour electronic mix that does the work for you!

Each song included is 90 bpm ¡ª the perfect pace to help you keep in the 180-step-per-minute range recommended by Jack. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist, check out the full list of songs below, and get ready to run with a little extra enthusiasm.

    “Hot Like Sauce” ¡ª Pretty Lights”Egyptic” ¡ª?Beats Antique”Love in the Dark” ¡ª Yacht”Raging Lung” ¡ª The Knife”Holdin On” ¡ª Flume”Lovers (Casa Del Mirto Remix)” ¡ª Brothertiger”Turn and Dub” ¡ª Umphrey’s McGee”Sky High” ¡ª Big Gigantic”So What?” ¡ª Die Antwoord”Start Shooting” ¡ª Little People”Your Drums, Your Love” ¡ª AlunaGeorge”Neon Love” ¡ª Tesla Boy

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography