Tone Your Butt While Torching Calories With This Elliptical Workout

Save time at the gym and power up your cardio to do double duty with this elliptical workout. Upping the incline on the machine targets the glutes and hamstrings while raising your heart rate. That’s right! You can torch some serious calories while toning your backside. Remember, pressing through your heels when you’re on the elliptical will make the glute muscles work even more.

Time Resistance Incline SPM*

0:00 to 2:303.05.0110 to 1302:30 to 5:005.07.0120 to 1305:00 to 10:009.011.0130 to 14010:00 to 15:009.013.0130 to 14015:00 to 20:009.015:00130 to 14020:00 to 25:0011.015.0120 to 130 / Go backward25:00 to 30:009.0015.0130 to 140 / Go forward30:00 to 32:305.05.0120 to 13032:30 to 35:003.05.0120 to 130

*SPM = Strides Per Minute

Click here for an image-free, printable version of the workout to take to the gym!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography