Feeling Sluggish? Energy-Draining Foods to Avoid

Feeling Sluggish? Energy-Draining Foods to Avoid

Food is fuel, and what you eat affects how your body runs. If you don’t want to putter along, feeling sluggish all day long, check out these foods that zap your energy so you can avoid them.

| Sugary Breakfast

Refined carbs such as sugar and white flour may give you an energy spike, but they will dropkick you into doze mode quickly. Sudden jumps in blood sugar shut down the production of brain chemicals that help keep you alert. Skip the doughnuts, and opt for a healthy breakfast that contains protein.

| Energy Drinks

Energy drinks work in the short term with a boost of sugar and caffeine, but ultimately your blood sugar levels will drop lower than before, leaving you drained. Since being slightly dehydrated can make you sluggish, reach for water to quench your thirst. For a natural burst, go for these healthy, energizing drinks like this tart cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar “shot.””

| Fatty Foods

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