9 No-Equipment, Total-Body Workouts

9 No-Equipment| Total-Body Workouts

It’s time to embrace the sun and get outside while you strength train. You can print every single one of these no-equipment workouts (or just pull them up on your phone) to take with you the next time you want to get out of the stuffy gym and strengthen those muscles. These workouts are especially fun to do after a good long run so you can skip the warmup| but they also work well alone. No matter how you decide to do these| it’s time to get outside and get inspired!

| Full-Body Plyo Workout

This fun| fast workout will make you feel like a kid again. Jump| hop| and skip your way to a stronger body while you enjoy the outdoors. You’ll need a space you feel comfortable lying on and enough room to move side to side. Learn more about each move here| and print out the workout poster here.

| 7-Minute High-Intensity Workout

Doing each of these workouts at high intensity for 30 seconds will really burn those calories. If you have more time| repeat this circuit two or three times for an effective cardio and strength-training workout. Learn how to do each exercise here| and print out the seven-minute HIIT workout here. You’ll need to be by a wall (or tree) as well as a step or ledge for the workout.

| Core-Burning Workout

Feel those six-pack abs emerge with this no-equipment core-burning workout. Just find an open area where you’ll be comfortable doing elbow planks| then get going. Learn how to do all the moves here| and print out the workout here.

| Full-Body Workout

All you need to do is find a ledge or step to use for this full-body workout. Learn how to do each exercise here| then view a larger| printable image here.

| Body-Weight Blast Workout

Ready for a killer total-body workout that doesn’t require weights? This no-excuses workout has cardio and strength training so you can save time and work your body. Get details about the moves here| and print out the workout here.

| Outdoor Bench Workout

This short and sweet outdoor bench workout is perfect for a postrun strength-training session. Pull up this step-by-step poster on your phone| find a spot by a bench or low wall| and get going. Learn how to do the moves here.

| Bikini Circuit Workout

Get ready for the beach with this circuit workout that will definitely have you feeling strong and confident. You’ll need a spot on the ground where you feel confident lying| or bring a yoga mat with you. Learn how to do the moves here| and print out the bikini circuit workout here.

| Calorie-Blasting Workout

This printable workout poster is deceptively simple. While you don’t need any special equipment| these basic moves| repeated three times| will burn major calories. You can skip the jump-roping part of the warmup and replace with a minute of one of the other warmup moves (or mime jump-roping without the rope).

| Metabolism-Boosting Tabata Workout

This is one to do with your friends. First| download a Tabata timer on your phone| then use it to keep track as you move through this killer Tabata workout. Learn the moves here| then print out the poster here.