What to Do at Work to Stop Weight Gain

What to Do at Work to Stop Weight Gain

There are plenty of reasons your job may be making you fat| so take charge of your work life and add these healthy habits to your daily to-do list. They can certainly help prevent you from packing on those desk-bound pounds.

| Bring a Huge Salad For Lunch

Skip the lunches out| and aim to bring a homemade salad every day. Since they’re low in calories and full of fiber| you can eat an enormous bowl of veggies without doing damage to your waistline. Include a variety of greens and fresh veggies in your salad along with a low-fat protein source like chickpeas| cottage cheese| baked tofu or tempeh| or grilled chicken. Don’t forget to pack a low-cal dressing like this strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. Not only does a daily lunchtime salad ensure a low-calorie meal| but it’ll save you money too. Be sure to vary the veggies and protein source each day to prevent boredom.

| Sweat at Noon

Don’t just hit Facebook or shop online during your lunch break u2014 use that hour to burn some extra calories. Take a jog| go for a walk| hop on your bike| or hit a noontime yoga class at your gym. Scheduling time each day to exercise prevents skipped workouts| and it also gives your mind a mental break| alleviating stress that can cause you to reach for high-calorie treats.

Remember| sitting all day is dangerous for your overall health u2014 not just your waistline! Here’s a guide to help you get up and get moving throughout your workday.

| Use Your Minty Breath to Prevent Snacking

After finishing each meal| snack| or that cup of joe| hit the bathroom for some dental hygiene. Not only will brushing your chompers prevent cavities and bad breath| but your minty mouth will also remind you that you already ate and aren’t really hungry for a handful of M&M’s from your co-worker’s desk.

| Keep Healthy Snacks Stashed in the Fridge

It’s really sweet that so many of your co-workers love to bake| but all those platters of goodies in the break room can pull you off the healthy path. Avoid temptation by keeping a stash of healthy munchables in the office fridge or in your desk drawer. Yogurt| cheese sticks| fruit| cut-up veggies| crackers| and even chocolate-covered peanuts offer more nutrition than a cupcake.

| Sip on Water All Day

Did you know that a 12-ounce Coke is 143 calories? Downing a can of soda each day adds 715 calories to your workweek. Stay hydrated and energized with nature’s beverage instead. Keep a reusable water bottle on your desk| and take sips throughout the day. Water is not only free of calories| but it also gives your belly the sensation that it’s full| which cuts down on mindless snacking.