Inspiring Women Who Prove Showing Excess Skin Is Something to Be Proud Of

Inspiring Women Who Prove Showing Excess Skin Is Something to Be Proud Of

Getting fit is a huge accomplishment that takes inspiration| hard work| and commitment. For those who have undergone extreme weight loss| reaching those goals feels amazing| and nothing should prevent you from showing off your transformation. These are five real women (i.e. non-airbrushed| everyday women) who aren’t afraid to show off their real bodies| excess skin and all| after working hard as hell to transform their overall health. Check out their inspiring photos and messages below.

| Meghan used to be “unmotivated|”” and now she’s a few months away from being a certified personal trainer.

As a caption to this post-weight-loss photo| Meghan wrote| “”This is the reality of my situation| and the reality of life after #majorweightloss. My #excessskin and remaining #fat remind me of the eating disorder that left me #obese and the battle I’ve fought to lose 150 pounds. #Progress is what keeps me grounded when I see my body in this midst of #transformation – which is what keeps me #positives and pushing forward each day with #fitness and #cleaneating! Stay positive my loves. It takes hard work.””

| Tamara is not afraid to wear a bathing suit that shows her excess skin.

Tamara created Getting My Life Back Now “”to help others reclaim their personal power by seeing the good in themselves.”” She’s over 240 pounds down| and her popular Instagram account is full of motivational messages| healthy meals| and “”positive vibes.”” Here| Tamara was trying on bathing suits| and she wrote| “”I’m proud of my progress so far and Im not ashamed of my skin at all. Sometimes I just look at it and wonder how did I mistreat my body so long . . . Embrace where you are right now and do the best you can. You deserve good things and you are truly worthy to live a healthy life.””

| Sara is 100 pounds down and strong as ever.

“”So| #fitgirls| this is what losing 100 pounds looks like. One of my goals is to see if I can tighten up some of this excess skin. It’s a tough thing to realize that you did this to your own body . . . but a great thing to realize that you can also change it|”” she shared.

| Michelle worked hard for this bikini| and she’s not ashamed of the “”scars from my past.””

“”Obesity is no joking matter. Now I am healthy & I’ll never lose sight of that| but there are scars I wear from my past. Maybe I’ll remove it but maybe I won’t either way I will keep on keeping on!! I’m not going to feel ashamed! I worked hard & I am getting the bikini for once in my life!”” Michelle wrote in her caption.

| Imani says it’s important to love yourself and not worry what others think.

Her wise words: “”Yup i got a pudge| AND? THIS BODY has run a mile in 9 mins and 20 secs| the other body couldnt’t walk a mile in inder 18 mins. Don’t worry| eat right| exercise| love yourself.””