3 Moves That Target Saddlebags

3 Moves That Target Saddlebags

It’s true: if you’re worried about getting rid of saddlebags u2014 that fleshy part around your hips and where your thighs and butt meet u2014 the answer isn’t entirely in the gym. Both genetics and diet play a part in whether or not you’re blessed with them; luckily, there are ways to work your lower body that, when paired with a healthy diet, can help reduce the size of saddlebags and sculpt strong curves. Plus, moves that target your backside help lift it up for a defined, perky posterior. Take this quick three-move workout: it may seem easy, but you’ll feel the burn. Get ready to strengthen those lower-body muscles and boost your metabolism; find out how to do each move here.

Directions: Repeat two to three times for an effective workout that takes under 10 minutes.

The Best Exercises to Beat Saddlebags

| Single-Leg Touch

Reps: 12 each side

  • Holding a 10-pound dumbbell in your right hand, stand on your left leg with your right foot lifted.
  • Keeping your back flat, bend your left knee while bending forward at your hips to lightly touch the dumbbell to the ground. Keep your right knee bent and your right leg close to your body.
  • Push through your left heel and return to the starting position to complete one rep; try to keep your right foot off the ground as you complete all your reps.
  • Do 12 reps each leg.

This exercise fires up your booty through a large range of motion while working your entire lower body too.

| Sumo Squat Series

Reps: 10 squats, 10 pulses, 10 pulses knees back, 10 pulses with heel up

  • Begin in a wide stance with your legs turned out and your toes pointed outward. With your hands at your chest, perform 10 squats in this position, making sure your bent knees do not move beyond your toes.
  • Hold your last squat and slowly pulse up and down in a one-inch range 10 times.
  • Maintain your squat and press your knees slightly back 10 times feeling your glutes engage with each slow pulse back.
  • Still holding your squat lift your right heel, and pulse up and down in a one-inch range 10 times before switching sides.

Also known as a wide squat, this position targets the lower glutes as well as the inner thighs u2014 and that’s why we love it so.

| Donkey Kick Pulses Series

Reps: 30 pulses leg in parallel, 30 with knee out

  • Begin on all fours and lift your right leg off the floor until your knee is in line with your hip.
  • Flex your foot and squeeze your glute to raise your heel an inch toward the ceiling. Continue these small, concentrated pulses for 30 reps.
  • Open your right knee out to the side, keeping your foot flexed, and pulse your leg one inch to the left. You are not trying to lift the knee up, but try to keep it level as it moves behind you. You should feel your glutes firing away for all 30 pulses.
  • Repeat on the other side to complete a set.

Isolate the glutes from a couple of angles in this quick butt-sculpting series on all fours.