Prepare Yourself For the Stages of Your Fitness Resolution

Another year| another fitness resolution to carry out. Whether your plan is to lose weight| run a marathon| or eat right| chances are you’ll be going through all some of these stages to keep up. Take a look| have a laugh| and know that you’re not alone through the ups and downs.

You Come Up With What You Think Is a Pretty Manageable Plan

Source: Paramount PicturesAnd For the First Few Days| You Do Everything to Stick to It

Source: Warner Bros.Your Workouts Are a Little Rusty After the Holiday

Source: NBCOK| Really Rusty

Source: NBCGood Thing You’ve Got New Shoes and a New Playlist to Help You Power Through

Source: 20th Century FoxBut by Week Two| You’re Tired of Working Out Every. Single. Day.

Source: 20th Century FoxYou Start to Think You May Have Been a Little Too Ambitious

Source: NBCSo You Scale Back Your Efforts

Source: FoxResisting Temptation Becomes a Job in and of Itself

Source: ABCBy February| Your Resolution Is a Thing of the Past

Source: UniversalIt’s Nothing to Be Proud Of

Source: CBSYou Tell Your Girlfriends What’s Going On

Source: The CWOf Course| They Light a Fire Under Your Sweatpants

And You Remember Why You Committed to Your Resolution in the First Place

Source: DreamworksSo You Get Back to It

Source: NBCAnd Halfway Through the Year| With a Little Help From Britney . . .

Victory Is Yours. Go| Girl!

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