Get in the Mood With These Libido-Boosting Foods

Get in the Mood With These Libido-Boosting Foods

If you’re suffering from a low libido| either from your hormonal birth control| long hours at the office| depression| or any reason at all| you may feel better knowing you’re not alone u2014 40 percent of women experience a dip in their sex drive. If you’re ready to kick your sex drive into gear| there are many natural ways to do so| including eating these foods.

| Oysters

This type of seafood is known for improving your sex life| not because they’re sexy to slip into your mouth| but because they’re high in zinc| a mineral that boosts the testosterone levels needed to increase your sex drive. Zinc also inhibits the production of prolactin| a hormone that can disrupt sexual function. If you’re not a fan of oysters| go for steak or hamburgers since beef is another zinc source.

| Dark Chocolate

Bite into chocolate with high levels of cocoa (70 percent or more). Not only does cocoa contain zinc| but chocolate also increase the brain’s dopamine levels| the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. It’s also a source of phenylethylamine| a compound that triggers the same endorphins brought on by sex.

| Pepitas

These gems are also high in zinc| which blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen and sweet potatoes.

| Flaxseed

High in omega-3s| this fatty acid helps boost feel-good dopamine levels as well as improves circulation and blood flow to your lady parts. If you’re not a flaxseed fan| walnuts| fish like salmon| and omega-3 eggs are also excellent sources.

| Bananas

Easy to digest| bananas are high in vitamin B6| which regulates hormone levels| decreases stress| and has been proven to fight a slew of PMS symptoms| so you’ll feel well enough to get it on before your period arrives. Fish| turkey| chicken| avocados| and spinach are also good sources of this vitamin.

| Strawberries

Sensual to eat| strawberries are also high in vitamin C| which studies show can increase female libido by increasing blood flow. Citrus fruits| kiwi| and peppers are also high in vitamin C.

| Quinoa

The amino acid L-arginine| which is found in quinoa| has been shown to increase blood flow to the clitoris. Oats are another source you can easily add to your diet.