Got Produce? Fruits and Veggies That Contain Calcium

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or just need a nutrient boost, it’s good to know that milk isn’t the only source of calcium. Aside from nuts, fortified cereals, tofu, and orange juice, fruits and veggies help offer the 1,000 milligrams of calcium you need every day. Check out the list below to see how produce stacks up in the calcium department and for ideas about new ways to get more of this important nutrient into your diet.

Food Calcium (mg)

1 cup apricots, dried 71.51 cup beet greens, cooked1641 cup fresh blackberries41.81/2 cup black soybeans801 cup broccoli, cooked62.41 bunch broccoli raab, cooked5161 cup collard greens, cooked2665 dates771/2 cup edamame48.85 figs671/2 cup great northern beans69.51 cup kale, cooked93.61 cup okra, cooked123.21 medium orange48.41 cup spinach, cooked2451 cup turnip greens, cooked197

Image Source: Flickr user sashafatcat