Gisele B¨¹ndchen Gets Tough in Her Powerful New Ad For Under Armour

Gisele B¨¹ndchen may be a supermodel| but she wants you to know that she’s a serious athlete| too. The fashion icon has joined Misty Copeland as an ambassador for Under Armour’s Women of Will campaign| a new series of ads proving that women can overcome criticism to fulfill their potential as incredible athletes.

In the video above| Gisele throws some serious punches and roundhouse kicks into a bag while social media commentary about the model flashes across the walls behind her ¡ª some statements are positive while others are incredibly critical. Despite all the opinions| Gisele manages to drown out the noise and work up a major sweat. Serving up knockouts isn’t the only exercise she fits into her regular schedule ¡ª the runway star keeps healthy by switching up her fitness routine. Gisele’s raw strength is making us want to take up kickboxing; were you inspired?

Front Page Image Source: Under Armour