This Light and Indulgent Grapefruit Dessert Is the Perfect End to Any Meal

We’re always on the lookout for a great Winter fruit dessert that is light yet indulgent. After a luncheon with Real Girl’s Kitchen’s Haylie Duff| where every course included grapefruit| we couldn’t stop thinking about the grapefruit brul¨¦e and sweet ricotta dessert she created. Haylie said she definitely loves to have dessert but wanted to create something that didn’t feel too heavy| which is how she came up with the brul¨¦e that only adds a hint of sweetness. The caramelized sugar on the grapefruit balances the tart flavor| and it all blends nicely with the creamy base. And the best part is that the recipe is super simple.

Grapefruit Brul¨¦e and Sweet Ricotta

Haylie Duff| Real Girl’s Kitchen

Grapefruit Brul¨¦e and Sweet Ricotta


If your grocery store doesn’t have mascarpone cheese| softened cream cheese makes a fine substitute.