Want to Stay Active and Healthy? Get Gwen Stefani’s Rockstar Fitness Advice

Want to Stay Active and Healthy? Get Gwen Stefani’s Rockstar Fitness Advice

With new baby Apollo in one hand and a microphone in the other| Gwen Stefani is having a killer year. From her upbeat concerts to show-stopping special performances (like Sunday’s Grammy Awards concert with Adam Levine)| Stefani never ceases to impress with her showmanship. As a new coach on The Voice| the singer makes waves on TV u2014 dishing out vocal advice while looking totally perfect| no less. While we admire her dedication to fitness| we also love the importance she places on having a healthy life balance; last year| in fact| the busy mom took a break from her never-fail workout routine| telling Marie Claire| “”This past year| I kind of stopped working out. I think my body just needed a break. And so I did that and focused more on feeling good as opposed to beating myself up.””

Whether she’s working on her six-pack or enjoying time with her family| Gwen always has the right outlook. Keep reading to see what healthy living tips we’ve learned from Gwen throughout the years!

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| Make Fitness a (Fun) Family Affair

The best workouts are ones that don’t feel like exercise| like the family’s swimming-filled family vacation earlier this year. It’s not just about fun in the sun| however; Gwen and her husband| musician Gavin Rossdale| also make skiing a family affair.

Whether it’s with your honey| a friend| or your family| make fitness a group affair by picking active ways to spend your time together. Here are some fun| fit activities to get you started!

| Get Back to Basics

When she works out| Gwen says that she is not into Pilates or yoga but is “”more like a man”” u2014 think weightlifting| boxing| and cardio. She also stays in shape by jumping and dancing her way across the stage when she’s on tour.

Make like Gwen and add these bodyweight exercises into your own workout routine. You’re just a squat| lunge| and push-up away from a Gwen-like bod!

| Find Workout Motivation Where You Can

Gwen isn’t shy about admitting that vanity drives her to stay fit. She says that she feels “”disappointed”” when she can’t fit into the clothes she loves and that she wants to look her best when on stage.

While health is the number one reason we should all exercise| find whatever driving force you can to consistently get you up and active! Here are five reasons you should be exercising.

| Eat as Fresh as Possible

Calling herself a “”chubby child|”” Gwen struggled with her weight growing up. As a result| she sticks to a healthy diet full of organic produce and lean proteins. Gwen’s even taken her family straight to the source| visiting an organic farm to pick their own produce.

Make like Gwen and eat a diet of fresh whole foods. Whenever possible| choose organic| grass-fed| and local.

| Maximize Results

You don’t get abs like Gwen’s by doing a 30-minute power walk. Busy mom Gwen makes the most of every workout. “”There is no secret: you just have to eat healthy| work out| and torture yourself|”” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2012.

When it comes to exercise| Gwen does a mix of HIIT consisting of cardio and supersets; check out Gwen’s workout routine here.