The Fresh Juice You Need If You Had a Crazy Weekend

Hangovers happen. And while water| aspirin| and a little time are the best ways to deal with the after-effects of drinking| little things ¡ª?like what you eat ¡ª?can help. Take this pressed-juice recipe| for instance. At first glance| it may seem like just a Bloody Mary minus the vodka| but it’s exactly what you need to power through the day.

Full of the essential nutrients (think: vitamin C| lycopene| and hydrating water) that your body is depleted of from drinking| this pressed juice also gets a spicy kick from the added jalape?o. And when you’re feeling too miserable to move| a spicy boost of endorphins can make or break the day. Nauseated? There’s a little dose of stomach-soothing ginger to help you out too.

Hangover Juice

From Michele Foley| POPSUGAR Fitness

Hangover Juice

Hangover Juice Recipe


3 medium-size tomatoes2 celery stalks1 lemon1/2-inch piece of ginger1 jalape?o pepper (remove the seeds to make it less spicy)1/4 of one large cucumber