Yes, You Can Still Work Out After a Big Night of Boozing

Yes, You Can Still Work Out After a Big Night of Boozing

You have a blast out one night with friends, toss back a few drinks too many, and are left feeling awful and stuck with a killer headache the following morning u2014 we’ve all been there. While exercise alone can’t cure your hangover, a light sweat session after a big night out can up your endorphins and help release toxins. To have the most comfortable (and safest) postparty workout ever, remember these tips. And no, the hair of the dog is not included.

| Hydrate, Then Hydrate Some More

After a big night of boozing, be sure to drink plenty of H2O before you go to bed, and start chugging as soon as you wake up the following morning. Rehydrating your body will help you feel more comfortable, stronger, and ready to move. In addition to regular water, sip on a potassium-rich coconut water before your workout to replenish your lost electrolytes even more.

| Don’t Skip Breakfast

It’s important to eat a light meal that will fuel your workout and support your postparty recovery. Steer clear of greasy bacon or a breakfast sandwich, and enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries for an easily digested, fiber-filled breakfast that will keep you satisfied. For even more potassium power (a nutrient that’s known to help with hangover symptoms) slice up a banana to top off your bowl.

| Choose the Right Workout

Unfortunately, a tougher workout will not make you feel better sooner. In fact, an overzealous, vigorous workout on a day when you’re feeling less than stellar can worsen your symptoms. When you’re working with a hangover, it’s best to stick with a light and steady cardio session on a treadmill or stationary bike, a restorative yoga class, or a brisk walk outdoors. The fresh air can do wonders when you’re feeling under the weather and zapped of energy.

Most importantly, make sure you’re continuing to hydrate before, during, and after any postparty workout. Once you’ve finished your session at the gym, give yourself time to relax and recover u2014 that’s the very best way to make sure you bounce back as quickly as possible.