Calories in Happy Hour Cocktails and Nibbles

Just how many calories are in that mojito and mozzarella stick? Check out the chart below before heading out for your Friday happy hour celebrations. Let’s start with the drinks first and then move on to the food.

Drink Serving Size Calories Fat (grams) Sodium (milligrams) Carbs (grams)

Apple Martini2.5 ounces160ZeroZero8.5Budweiser Beer12 ounces145ZeroZero10.6Bud Light12 ounces110ZeroZero6.6Chardonnay5.1 ounces120ZeroZero3.8CosmoSix ounces143ZeroTwo3.6Dark and StormySeven ounces162Zero19NineGin and TonicSix ounces143Zero1712.1Long Island Iced TeaFive ounces292Zero336.6Mai TaiFive ounces260ZeroZero17Margarita (on the rocks with salt)3.3 ounces153Zero583SevenMerlot5.1 ounces119ZeroZero4.1MojitoEight ounces122ZeroZeroSevenMudslideFive ounces3508.6Zero41.8Pi?a Colada4.5 ounces2452.7Eight32Rum and Coke12 ounces369Zero6526SangriaEight ounces155Zero26.521Sea BreezeFive ounces144ZeroNine11.8Sex on the BeachSix ounces190ZeroTwo18.3Strawberry Daiquiri10 ounces230ZeroFive56Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry)5.5 ounces117ZeroZero17Vodka Tonic7.5 ounces175ZeroZero16White RussianSix ounces374163512

Here’s the nutritional info for the munchies that go along with your beverage.

Appetizer Serving Size Calories Fat (grams) Sodium (milligrams) Carbs (grams)

BruschettaOne-ounce slice158EightZero18Fried CalamariOne cup30013Zero17Chicken WingsThree wings47732.147116.2Chicken Quesadilla1/4 of a whole53533.386932Chips and Salsa14 chips with three tablespoons salsa974.122210.5Flatbread Pizza1/4 of the pizza150Five35018.5Steak-Cut French Fries10 fries2811517033Hummus and CarrotsTwo tablespoons hummus and 10 baby carrots1056.119812.2Mozzarella SticksThree pieces3301878021Loaded NachosSix to eight chips56930.7180055.8Onion RingsEight pieces27615.543031.3PeanutsOne ounce16614.12306.1Potato Skins (with bacon and cheddar)Two pieces150Nine30011Spinach and Artichoke Dip With Chips1/4 order3101947027Sweet Potato FriesThree ounces (about 15 fries)120Three18022Cheese PlateOne ounce cheddar and 15 grapes1649.417613.7

Image Source: Shutterstock