7 Healthy Reasons to Have Sex ¡ª?Tonight!

7 Healthy Reasons to Have Sex u2014u00a0Tonight!

Skipping the gym for a romp in between the sheets isn’t something you should do every day| but it’s still a healthy distraction u2014u00a0it does burn calories| after all! Check out what other health benefits come from having sex.

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| Improve Sleep

The hormone oxytocin increases when you have sex| and the heightened level helps you sleep better. Getting enough sleep is an important part of your overall health| so if you’re having trouble sleeping| sex is the perfect activity before hitting the hay.

| Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Research has shown that men who have sex two or more times a week cut their risk of developing heart disease (and stroke) in half.

| Relieve Stress

Do yourself a favor and get busy to reduce your blood pressure. The feel-good endorphins released during sex will help you forget about your bad day too.

| Boost Immunity

People who have sex once or twice a week have 30 percent higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A| which boosts the immune system and helps fight infections like colds and the flu. Getting down and dirty is just another way to help keep your lover healthy.

| Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Who says you need to be wearing a sports bra to work your core? Exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor can be done sitting at your desk and even during sex. Whether you know it or not| you’re performing Kegels while having sex| which also helps to increase pleasure. Bonus: a toned pelvic floor improves your bladder control.

| Relieve Congestion

Sex for seasonal allergies? Sure beats Benadryl. Having an orgasm temporarily clears up sinuses.

| Live Longer

Women who enjoy sex live longer than women who don’t u2014 an active sex life has been shown to make women feel two to eight years younger. A much better alternative to wrinkle creams!