Why You Should Never Have Sexy Time in the Pool

If warm| sunny weather is inspiring you to get hot and heavy| you may want to skip getting it on in the pool and save your nookie time for dry land. Although making sweet love in the water sounds sensual and natural| since you’re wearing next to nothing already| it’s not exactly the safest way to get it on.

Here’s a mood killer for you: lake| river| ocean| and pond water contain bacteria| so getting intimate can introduce that bacteria into your vagina| which could put you at risk for infections that you don’t want up there. Pool water is no better since it contains chlorine| which could irritate your lady business or disrupt the natural pH balance in your vagina| leading to a yeast infection. As for hot tubs| they’re often not chlorinated enough| which means they’re teeming with who knows what.

You may have heard that getting busy underwater will prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy| but this is far from true. As long as there is contact between two partners| semen and other bodily fluids can still pass from one person to another| which makes conception or contraction of STIs possible. You’re using a condom| you say? Although in the bedroom| condoms are very effective at preventing both pregnancy and the spread of infection| in the water| the lack of natural lubrication can make condoms more likely to break or slip off without either person realizing it. Not to mention| the lack of natural moisture can also cause friction| which will chafe your sensitive lady parts. Water and sex just don’t mix| so the best advice is to reserve pool time for swimming| and save the shagging for later.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO