The Debloating Refresher You’ll Want to Sip All Summer Long

One of my favorite drinks is the strawberry agua fresca sold every Wednesday at my neighborhood taqueria. A simple but oh-so-smart blend of fresh strawberries, water, and sugar, the traditional Mexican drink makes hot days bearable. I love buying mine right before closing after the strawberries have been soaking in the water for hours and I get bits of the fruit in my glass from getting one of the last servings.

Depending on where you go, aguas frescas can be filled with more sugar than a can of soda, but this recipe from NYC-based juicery Love Grace allows for the natural sweetness of the fruit to take precedent. It’s everything you love about a great Summer farmers market in one glass, but with a secret weapon: the chia seed. Aside from giving the recipe a fun texture ¡ª?almost like mini tapioca balls ¡ª?it adds omega-3s and fiber to the drink.

Berry Chia Fresca

From Love Grace

Berry Chia Fresca

Healthy Agua Fresca Recipe


2 cups water2 teaspoons chia seeds1/2 cup strawberries1/2 cup raspberries1 tablespoon fresh lime juice1 tablespoon raw honey or agave