Eat Clean and Green With This Edamame Barley Bowl

I typically love eating meat| but recently| I’ve been craving more and more plant-based recipes. Maybe this Michael Pollan rule finally set in| or maybe it has something to do with the warm weather in San Francisco. Either way| once I saw Candice Kumai’s edamame barley bowl from her upcoming cookbook| Clean Green Eats ($28)| I knew I had found a Spring lunch that looked delicious and was in line with my diet these days.

This hearty bowl powers you up with clean| quality nutrition ¡ª hello| energized afternoon! It’s also packed with 22 grams of vegan protein and 58 percent of your recommended fiber for the day; all that protein makes it an ideal meal to refuel your muscles after a tough midday workout| while the fiber supports healthy digestion. Even better| this recipe makes four servings| so lunch is a no-brainer for the following days. All I can say is thank you| Candice.

Lemon-Soy Edamame Barley Bowl

From Clean Green Eats by Candice Kumai

Lemon-Soy Edamame Barley Bowl


Candice explains that hulled barley needs to cook for 1 to 1 1/2 hours longer than pearl barley. Adjust your cooking time based on the variety you choose.