Reach For This Green Smoothie When Dessert Cravings Hit ¡ª?It’s That Good

A dessert craving hits| but you’re trying so incredibly hard to cut back on refined carbs and sugar. And while the occasional cupcake or ice cream cone is good for the soul| it’s probably better for the body to not make dessert a three-times-a-day habit. For those times a sweet treat is needed| bust out your blender for this green smoothie. Don’t be decieved by its uber-healthy hue ¡ª this simple green smoothie tastes just like a gooey caramel apple| but is packed with good-for-you nutrients like iron| potassium| and fiber.

Caramel Apple Smoothie

From Simple Green Smoothies

Caramel Apple Smoothie

Healthy Caramel Apple Smoothie Recipe


2 cups fresh spinach2 cups almond milk| unsweetened1 Granny Smith apple| cored1 banana4 medjool dates| pitted1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract