6 Healthier Versions of Classic Girl Scout Cookies

6 Healthier Versions of Classic Girl Scout Cookies

When Girl Scout cookies are near| it’s tough to stop after just one or two cookies. The season of boxes on every corner may have passed| but these lighter treats inspired by the classic cookie flavors are delicious any time of year! Whether you’re a Samoa-lover or a Thin Mint enthusiast| we’ve got a lighter homemade treat just for you.

Sources: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar / Lizzie Fuhr / Anna Monette Roberts

| Vegan Tagalongs

Steer clear of artificial flavors and hydrogenated oil with this cleaner peanut butter patty recipe. They take some effort| but their flavor is well worth all your hard work.

| Samoa Breakfast Shake

Blend up this sweet smoothie that’s inspired by the classic Samoa and Caramel deLite cookies. For under 300 calories| this satisfying breakfast smoothie offers less than half the sugar and 18 times the amount of protein found in two tiny cookies.

| Dairy-Free Thin Mints

Hailing from a popular vegan Thin Mint cookies are just as flaky| refreshing| chocolaty| and satisfying as the cookies that come from that green Girl Scout box.

| Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Get your chocolate and peanut butter Tagalong fix with this PMS-soothing smoothie. All the tasty ingredients work to relieve the pesky symptoms that happen during that time of the month.

| Vegan Samoas

You’ll cut back on calories| carbs| fat| and sugar when you make your own homemade Samoas. You might even find you like these more than the original.

| Thin Mint Smoothie

Julianne Hough is a lover of Thin Mint cookies| and she gets her fix with this much healthier chocolate mint smoothie. Just like the classic treat| her smoothie offers the irresistible blend of mint and chocolate you’re craving but can easily stand in for a healthy breakfast!