Skip the Juice Cleanse and Detox With This Nutrient-Packed Salad

Bored with kale? This salad will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place. This satisfying| refreshing| and detoxifying vegan salad offers over 10 grams of protein and almost 40 percent of your daily recommended fiber. Whether you’re starting to feel under the weather or simply want to boost your immune system| this salad should become your go-to recipe| since it offers over 300 percent of recommended vitamin C for the day.

Have I mentioned that it’s the best kale salad I’ve tasted in months? It’s bright and packed with crunchy produce| and it has the perfect balance of bitter and sweet ingredients. Maybe it’s a psychosomatic response| but with every bite of this salad| I feel healthier| since I know I’m pumping up my body with nothing but quality nutrition. If you’re looking to support your body’s needs but are not interested in going on some crazy juice cleanse| this is one recipe you need to try ASAP.

Kale| Almond| and Shredded Veggie Salad

From Lizzie Fuhr| POPSUGAR Fitness

Kale| Almond| and Shredded Veggie Salad


If you’re concerned about your sugar intake| feel free to use less apple or forgo the raisins. If you eliminate both ingredients from the recipe| each serving of salad only has 261 calories and 4.5 grams of sugar.