The Lightened-Up Mac and Cheese Recipes You Need in Your Life

The Lightened-Up Mac and Cheese Recipes You Need in Your Life

Mac and cheese is one of the classic comfort foods everyone loves| but all that fat| cheese| and cream often sounds like a bellyache waiting to happen. Regardless of your dietary preferences or weight-loss goals| you can enjoy a bowl of this good stuff and still support your needs. Check out all of our lighter spins on mac and cheese| and find one you can enjoy ASAP.

Source: Nicole Perry

| Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

The unexpected addition of pureed butternut squash to mac and cheese may raise a few eyebrows. However| the squash puree not only gives this lightened-up recipe its nostalgic orange hue (without any food coloring!)| but also only adds an extra layer of creamy comfort| not calories| to the mix.

| Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese

Cut back on calories and carbs with this spaghetti squash mac and cheese recipe. The versatile Fall squash lays the base| while broccoli adds even more vitamin A to this Fall recipe. The best part? The mix of lower-fat cheeses that results in a dreamy| rich-tasting sauce you can enjoy sans guilt.

| Vegan Mac and Cheese

In this vegan version of mac and cheese| cheese is replaced with nutritional yeast| butter with Smart Balance spread| and cream with veggie broth. This baked recipe brings a nice crunchy top to the table u2014 a welcome addition in any macaroni and cheese recipe.

| Gluten-Free No-Mac and Cheese

Pasta-less macaroni and cheese can be delicious u2014 this cauliflower mac recipe is all the proof you need! The cheesy| creamy sauce full of coconut milk| extrasharp cheddar| and parmesan complements the cruciferous vegetable perfectly.

| First Lady Mac and Cheese

If you’re not ready to give up pasta completely and would still like to bring some cauliflower to your bowl| try Michelle Obama’s cauliflower mac and cheese that sneaks cauliflower into the sauce.

| M Cafu00e9 Vegan Mac and Cheese

Keep things dairy-free with this vegan version of mac and cheese from LA’s M Cafu00e9. Loaded with extra veggies| like arugula| along with fresh herbs| this dish serves up big flavor while keeping it approved for vegans. Watch this video for the recipe| and then whip up a batch today.