Say Cheers to National Tequila Day With Our 144-Calorie Margarita

Before you celebrate National Tequila Day with a margarita at your local bar or restaurant| make this low-calorie recipe at home. Not only will it taste better| but you’ll also save on calories ¡ª a lot of restaurant and bar margaritas are made with mixers that contain corn syrup and ingredients you can’t pronounce. This recipe| which purists will love| has only 144 calories and uses natural| simple ingredients.

Classic Margarita

From Michele Foley| POPSUGAR Fitness

Classic Margarita


The margarita has been riffed on several times over| but being a purist| I’m a fan of the classic recipe. And while “classic recipe” may be debatable| the popular 3-2-1 formula (three parts tequila| two parts lime juice| and one part Cointreau) is the one I always go back to. Salt is optional.

If you find this recipe too tart for your taste| the tiniest amount of agave syrup should do the trick.