Lose Weight With These Creative Oatmeal Combos

Lose Weight With These Creative Oatmeal Combos

A hearty and healthy oatmeal breakfast can start your day off on a healthy high note. It’s quick, fueling, and supports healthy weight loss. Skip the instant packages full of added sugar, and top off your homemade hot breakfast with a creative mix of ingredients that satisfy. Get ready to be inspired by these beautiful bowls from Instagram!

| Festive For Fall

This celebratory Fall bowl calls for apples, cinnamon, and hemp hearts, plus a hefty dollop of gooey peanut butter on top.

| Eat Sweet

Start your day off with a filling breakfast that feels like a dessert. This bowl might be covered in chocolate, peanut butter, raisins, banana, and coconut, but it can still support your healthy goals.

| Big Red

This oatmeal keeps it simple and bright with strawberries, pomegranate seeds, and a slight drizzle of maple syrup.

| Hot and Cold

Frozen berries, sliced kiwi, and shredded coconut give a boring bowl of hot cereal a whole new cool dimension.

| Pumpkin-Spiced Delight

Is there any place where pumpkin doesn’t work? This tasty pumpkin-spiced oatmeal is topped with fresh plums, banana, almonds, and chia.

| Monkeying Around

This baked oatmeal breakfast brings cocoa powder and banana to the mix and is topped off with tart pomegranate seeds, organic peanut butter, and yes u2014 even more banana!

| Go Nuts

Coconut, dates, banana, honey, cinnamon, and cashews combine for a filling breakfast bowl that feels like an indulgence but is full of good-for-you nutrition.

| Zucchini For Breakfast?

Yes, zucchini can be awesome in breakfast oatmeal. This inventive mix of oatmeal ingredients brings pear, zucchini, cinnamon, chia, and buckwheat all together in one distinct kiwi-topped bowl.

| Tropical Treat

Although it’s served up hot, this bowl takes your taste buds on a quick trip to the tropics before you leave the house for work. Lemon-coconut oats are topped with passion fruit, banana, almonds, and shredded coconut for fruity perfection.

| Fig Out

Strategically placed figs, bananas, nuts, and seeds make this easy bowl of oats feel more like a work of art than a quick and easy breakfast.

| Berry Beautiful

This baked vanilla and blueberry oatmeal is topped with banana, raspberries, and buckwheat granola. A drizzle of maple syrup ties everything together beautifully.

| Flex With Flax

Support your digestion with the simple addition of flax seeds to your oatmeal bowl. Sweeten things up with a little honey, and you’ve got one gorgeous breakfast on your hands.