15 Healthy Recipes For a Smarter Passover Supper

15 Healthy Recipes For a Smarter Passover Supper

The Passover seder is a sacred meal for Jewish families all over the globe. But if your family is anything like mine, then the food can be completely decadent and anything but health-conscious. Once you’ve got your seder plate set and the matzo piled high, bring to your table these fresh, healthy dishes that won’t have anyone missing the traditional flavors you grew up with. Remember that families follow all different traditions and rules, so read all the ingredients closely to make sure they’ll fit at your seder. Here are 15 to try out!

| Cucumber Cups With Tapenade

Calorie-conscious friends and family will rejoice. Add a plate of these cucumber cups with spicy tapenade next to your family’s traditional appetizers. Five of these spicy and fresh cups are fewer than 90 calories.

| Rainbow Roast Veggies