Popcorn Tofu – It’s Just Like Popcorn Chicken But WAY Healthier

Looking for a healthier way to enjoy a classic chicken recipe? This recipe from Boards & Knives swaps chicken for tofu so you can enjoy these delicious golden nuggets guilt-free.

Crispy, golden nuggets of love. Love nuggets. This is popcorn tofu. This irresistible delicacy came into my life when Ross brought me to our local Wheatsville Co-Op Grocery where they sell popcorn tofu in the deli. The stuff is legendary in this town ¡ª it even has it’s own Facebook page. We decided it was time to crack the code on this delicious treat and make some of our own.

Of course, the Wheatsville popcorn tofu recipe is a secret, as it should be, but there are a few things I know about it after conducting some research:

    It is comprised of tofu that has been frozen and then thawed for an extra chewy texture.The coating is a wet batter that contains both cornmeal and flour.Frank’s hot sauce is involved, probably mainly in the “buffalo” version, but there are likely a few dashes in the regular version as well.

Based on that research, it begins by pressing and then freezing some good quality, organic, non-GMO tofu. Once frozen, the tofu is thawed, pressed again to remove as much liquid as possible, and then torn into non-uniform chunks.

We concocted our own thick batter, comprised of cornmeal and flour as a base, with plenty of paprika, onion powder, and garlic powder as seasoning, along with some nutritional yeast and grain mustard.

We were extremely tempted to use beer in this batter as the liquid component, and in fact I recommend you experiment with that because it’s probably delicious, but we figured we should stick to plain water for this recipe.

The cooking method is a little bit of a variable, depending on your preferences and what equipment you have. We assume the original popcorn tofu is deep fried ¡ª we don’t have a deep fryer (that would be very dangerous for us), and we don’t usually deep fry in our dutch oven anyway because we think using all that oil for one dish is too expensive. If you have access to a fryer, or don’t mind frying in a heavy-bottomed pot then feel free to go that route.

After deep frying, the remaining options are pan frying or oven baking.

Certainly, you could bake these in a hot oven and get a satisfactory result. You could also just give these little gems a quick turn in a layer of coconut oil in a cast iron skillet and be done with it. We decided to go for both.

I started by pan frying in a cast iron skillet in small batches. I noticed that the batter was taking longer to set and crisp than I expected, and that once crisp, the tofu inside was still quite soft. So I cranked my oven up to 400¡ãF, and transferred the fully cooked, but still slightly squishy nuggets to the oven to firm up for 15 minutes. Then I reheated my pan oil and gave the tofu one last quick fry in the pan before draining them on paper towels and serving.

The result was exactly what I was looking for ¡ª firm and chewy on the inside, and crispy crunchy on the outside.

To make these popcorn tofu nuggets “buffalo” style, simply melt a few tablespoons of Earth Balance in a small bowl, and add as much Frank’s hot sauce as you want, stir, then toss the hot tofu in the mixture.

Obvious uses for popcorn tofu include topping a salad, or in a wrap, or just eat them on their own. But since we had some fresh French Bread Baguettes just lying around that day, we took it to the next level and made some popcorn tofu po-boys with garlicky vegenaise. It was . . . divine.

But don’t forget to eat a lot of kale with your popcorn tofu! You know, balance and stuff.

Popcorn Tofu

From Boards & Knives

Popcorn Tofu

Healthy Popcorn Tofu Recipe


1 package, extra firm organic tofu1/3 cup all purpose flour1/4 cup cornmeal3/4 cup water2 tablespoons nutritional yeast1 tablespoon grain mustard1 teaspoon paprika1 teaspoon onion powder1 teaspoon garlic powder1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon black pepperA few good shakes of Frank’s Red Hot (optional)Coconut oil (or oil of choice) for frying