1 Week of Breakfast! 7 Healthy Recipes Ready in Under 10 Minutes

1 Week of Breakfast! 7 Healthy Recipes Ready in Under 10 Minutes

Even if you’re short on time| you deserve a clean| tasty breakfast every morning. We all don’t have an hour to spend in the kitchen| but everyone can wake up just 10 minutes earlier to enjoy one of these hearty breakfasts. And if you’re concerned about calories| don’t fret u2014 we’ve included the total calorie count for each recipe below.

Photos: Leta Shy| Lizzie Fuhr| and Jenny Sugar

| Stick-With-You Polenta

After a long morning run| you need a satisfying recovery breakfast that comes together quick. Look no further than this breakfast polenta; it’s gluten-free| vegetarian-friendly| and the right blend of protein and carbs your body needs after a tough workout.

Total Calories: 443

| Flat-Belly Smoothie

The best part about smoothies is that they require zero cook time! Sip on this sweet smoothie packed with ingredients like Greek yogurt| pineapple| and kale that fight belly fat| reduce bloating| and keep you feeling full. If this flat-belly blend isn’t up your alley| check out all our favorite breakfast smoothies here.

Total Calories: 283

| Spinach Quinoa Scramble

This satisfying| vitamin-packed spinach-quinoa scramble is delicious enough to savor as a weekend treat| but if you have cooked quinoa on hand| it takes less 10 minutes to cook| making it a great before-work breakfast.

Total Calories: 365

| Avocado Tartine

In need of an incredibly quick breakfast? Try this easy avocado toast from POPSUGAR Food. This vegetarian breakfast comes together in under five minutes| and it has a great blend of fiber and carbs to hit the spot.

Total Calories: 214

| Single-Serve Protein Pancake

Save time and take temptation out of the equation by cooking up a single fluffy pancake. In under 10 minutes| you’ll have a satisfying| 350-calorie breakfast treat with more than 37 grams of protein.

Total Calories: 334

| Dressed-Up Yogurt

Instead of enjoying a cup plain Greek yogurt| dress it up with some healthy| flavorful toppings to make it feel like a special breakfast| like this tropical combo. Chop your fruit| toss it over your vanilla Greek yogurt| and sprinkle on the last toppings.

Total Calories: 283

| Ebelskivers

The Danish egg dish ebelskivers u2014 think of them as a cross between a frittata and a popover u2014 are ready to enjoy in under 10 minutes. If you’re sick of scrambles and frittatas| this tomato pesto ebelskiver might be just what you’re looking for.

Total Calories (three pieces): 252