15 Hot Tips For a Healthy 2015

The New Year shouldn’t be about sticking to specific resolutions ¡ª it’s about changing your lifestyle and making gradual progress. These 15 tips from Never Liked It Anyway are exactly what you need to get motivated to make healthy changes this year!

Resolutions. We’ve all made them and we’ve all broken them. Sometimes before they even begin. Hello my “No Chocolate in 2011” idea. Through my work with Never Liked It Anyway I have a lot of people ask me how to get healthy after a breakup ¡ª and this question gets asked even more around this time of year. To make sure I don’t have a #resolutionfail straight off the bat, I sat down with celebrity food chef Meg Hall, of Made By Meg to get her take on a realistic way to be healthy in the New Year.

Her first piece of advice was to accept that resolutions don’t work. Rather than talk about big sweeping “resolutions,” she believes success actually comes when you find small ways to be a little healthier each day. This is really about changing your mindset and finding a plan to support your long-term goal. Sounds easy enough, right? So are these are 15 hot tips, for a healthy 2015.

1. Give It a Week

In a week, you’ll start to see progress. And we all know progress begets progress. So whatever you embark on, do it for seven whole days. In a row.

2. A Salad a Day

Simple. Swap the sandwich or pasta for a salad. And do it once a day.

3. One “No-No” at a Time

Rather than cut out sugar, alcohol, carbs, and dairy all at the same time, just pick one to avoid and stick to it.

4. Pimp Your Water

Eight glasses a day is pretty boring, so get creative with it! Add some mint, fruit, or herbs to your daily guzzling.

5. Flashy Fashion

Buy one piece of gym gear that makes you melt. Maybe it’s trainers, maybe it’s a gym bag ¡ª whatever it is, buy something you LOVE that’ll help kick you into gear.

6. Identify Your “Muffin Top Snack”

Chips, cookies, ice-cream, candy . . . Whatever your weakness is, name it your “Muffin Top Snack” and don’t keep it at home! When you have to go to a gas station to get it, you suddenly realize you can live without it.????

7. Upgrade Your Carbs

You don’t have to banish them, just better them. Pick sweet potato or cauliflower instead of potato, brown rice instead of white rice and quinoa not pasta.

8. Cut Off O’Clock

The earlier you eat, the better. When you eat past 8:30, your body has only had time to break down the sugar so you wake up starving and the whole day is off.

9. Forgive Yourself

If you screw up, don’t be hard on yourself and downward spiral into a Twinkies oblivion. Just get over it. Pick yourself up and try again.

10. Trust Your Pants

Chuck the scales, it’s all about how your pants feel.

11. Get Moving!

We often blame aches and pains on working too hard, but often, we’re just not moving enough. Moving improves blood flow and flushes out impurities. Take the stairs, meet friends at bars you can walk to and take a every now and then, meet friends for a stroll instead of a meal.

12. Tone Down the Workout

You don’t always have to crush it at the gym. If you’re not in the mood, just move lightly (you’ll thank us next time you’re at the gym and see a hot guy and you’re not a sweaty mess)!

13. Press Pause

If you really want something sweet after dinner, clean up all your dishes first and then decide if you really want it. Often, it’s habit not hunger that gets us. And if you do still want something sweet, make it dark chocolate!

14. Order Smart

As soon as the waiter leaves, you won’t even remember the fries you so badly craved ¡ª and it’s often these “small” things that throw us off. If you really want something else, order it once you’ve eaten your meal.

15. Break Free of Your Desk

Sitting for hours on end is one way to bully your body. Try subbing the boardroom for a “walking meeting,” leaving our desk to eat lunch and taking a quick stroll around the block in the afternoon.

Image Source: Shutterstock