Healthy Holiday Travel: Sometimes, It’s Better to Indulge

Sure| you want to be healthy and look your best this holiday season| but sometimes there’s a fine line between sticking to your routine and missing out on all the fun. That’s why we love this advice from self-described “yoga rebel” and Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles. The W Hotel’s go-to yoga instructor (you can find Tara’s on-demand workout videos in every W Hotel room around the world) is always on the go| so she knows how to juggle rest and relaxation with calorie counts and cardio.

Her philosophy? It’s all about creating time to do what you need to do| while also listening to your body to know when you need to pull back. “If I know I have something at 7| I’ll get up at 6 and do something| but I also know not to be crazy about it every day|” she explains. “If I know that sleeping that extra half-hour is going to feel better than getting up and doing yoga| then that’s an OK thing to do too.”

It’s not just about knowing when to cut a workout ¡ª it’s also about “eating healthy but also enjoying a culture|” Tara says. So with hectic holiday travel days just ahead| take Tara’s advice: sometimes it’s OK to skip the “boring” bag of almonds and enjoy yourself in moderation. After all| “if you’re having fun and you’re feeling good| you are going to be healthy|” she says.

Image Source: Thinkstock