Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses

Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little bit of yogic love? Physically stretching the muscles in your chest| shoulders| and belly can create a deep emotional release| helping you to appreciate and honor yourself and your loved ones. These poses also bring a feeling of lightness and contentment| so try these 10 heart-opening stretches to make you feel positively blissful.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography

| Twisting Extended Side Angle

This variation of Extended Side Angle involves twisting the torso| so it opens the chest and shoulders and strengthens your core.

| Arching Warrior

Turn the basic Warrior 1 pose into a heart-opener by leaning back into Arching Warrior. Either rest the hands on the hips| or if your spine is more flexible| rest your hands on the back hamstring.

| Wide Tip-Over Tuck

While this is mostly a move you’ll feel in your chest and shoulders| you’ll also feel this stretch in your hamstrings and lower back.

| Upward Facing Dog

A classic pose| Upward Facing Dog is one of the most satisfying heart-openers because you get to do it over and over again during a yoga class.

| Seated Heart-Opener

This simple and relaxing backbend will open your chest| neck| shoulders| and abs. It will also increase flexibility in your spine and makes you feel centered and full of energy. Clasp the fingers together in a double fist| or for an even deeper stretch| rest the hands on the floor behind you.

| One-Armed Camel Pose

This Camel variation will open the quads| abs| and shoulders.

| Half King Pigeon

Half King Pigeon not only opens the front of the body| but you’ll also stretch the hip flexors while increasing flexibility in the spine.

| Intense East

If you’ve done the Pilates move called Reverse Plank| then this yoga pose called Intense East will be familiar. Allow your head to fall back between the shoulders to open the chest and neck even further.

| Bow

Bow Pose is an effective and relaxing chest- and shoulder-opening stretch.

| Wheel

Wheel Pose| also known as Full Backbend| not only increases flexibility in your spine| but also opens up your shoulders and strengthens your upper back and thighs.