A Creamy, High-Protein Dressing For Your Favorite Salads

Finding a quick recipe for a creamy, low-calorie, and delicious way to dress up a salad is not an easy undertaking for vegans. Keep things simple in the kitchen with this hemp seed dressing.

Hemp seeds are a great source of omega-3s and vitamin E, and their nutty flavor and creamy texture lay the base for the dressing. When blended with fresh citrus juice and extra-virgin olive oil, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll reach the smooth and creamy consistency you’re looking for. Even better, this low-calorie, flavorful recipe is free of preservatives and low in sugar.

Citrus Hemp Seed Dressing

From Lizzie Fuhr, POPSUGAR Fitness

Citrus Hemp Seed Dressing

Hemp Seed Salad Dressing Recipe


1/4 cup fresh orange juice1/4 cup fresh lime juice1 tablespoon olive oil2 tablespoons raw shelled hemp seeds1 teaspoon minced garlicSalt and pepper