One Full Day of Protein-Powered Vegan Meals

Many meat- and dairy-eaters can’t fathom how a vegan manages to fit in the recommended amount of protein into her daily diet. This full day of delicious and nutritious vegan meals is proof that plant-powered high-protein food is possible. These four delicious recipes boast over 60 grams of protein total| which is more than enough for the average woman’s diet.

Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Overnight Smoothie ¡ª 15.6 Grams

Source: Leta ShyNo need for scrambling around the kitchen first thing in the morning. Blend up this overnight apple flaxseed smoothie and enjoy it the following morning stress-free.

Lunch: Lentils With Quinoa ¡ª 18.7 Grams

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny SugarFor a hearty lunch| cook up a big bowl of cumin-spiced lentils with quinoa| a protein-packed meal that also brings 19.5 grams of fiber to the table.

Snack: Chickpea Cookie Dough ¡ª 11.1 Grams

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lizzie FuhrThis chickpea cookie dough might look complicated| but this quick recipe comes together with just five ingredients. It’s a sweet| healthy treat that feels like an indulgence; be sure to serve with fresh sliced apples.

Dinner: Polenta and Beans ¡ª 11.1 Grams

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny SugarSalad isn’t the only way to eat a quick dinner at the end of a vegan day. For a twist on the flavors of a classic burrito| give polenta and beans a try.

Dessert: Peanut Butter Brownie Bites ¡ª?5.1 Grams

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny SugarEnd the day on a sweet note with a peanut butter brownie bite. Decadent| chewy| and fudgey| no one will believe this sweet treat is 100-percent vegan.