Hilary Duff on Which Diet ‘Sounded Too Disgusting’ to Try

Hilary Duff on Which Diet “Sounded Too Disgusting”” to Try

Three years after giving birth to her adorable son| Luca| Hilary Duff is showing off her impressive postbaby body on the May cover of Shape Magazine. Discussing the pressure to “”always have it together|”” her distaste for fad diets| and aggression during workouts| the actress shares it all her incredible transformation.


On Hollywood pressures: “”There’s so much pressure to always have it together| and I’m not falling for it. You see supermodels who have babies| and the next week they look as if they were never pregnant. That was not the case with me. Some days I feel great| others I feel pretty normal| and that’s acceptable.””


On her workout philosophy: “”I don’t do auto-gym. I go three times a week and mix it up every time. I work out with weighted balls| battle ropes| and big rubber bands. I do this thing with a sledgehammer where I swing it and hit a rubber block| and it gets out all of my aggressions. Everyone is like| ‘Uh-oh| Hilary’s got the hammer u2014 get out of the way!'””

On everyday exercise: “”And I rely on real-life exercise. Carrying my son| for one. He weighs 35 pounds. The other day we went to Disneyland and he fell asleep in my arms| and I had to carry him back to my car| which was a 30-minute walk. I was dying.””


On dieting: “”I rely on grown-woman food. I’d rather have someone pull my fingernails off than hunker down and go on an actual diet. It’s so hard for me! My sister Haylie and I once considered doing a baby-food diet| but it just sounded too disgusting.””

On healthy snacking: “”I do cool things with snacks. My favorite is a Wasa cracker topped with avocado| radish| chia seeds| a little olive oil| some sea salt| lemon| and dill. That keeps my palate excited.””


On her secret to happiness: “”The key to a happy life is cheese. It’s a real problem. I can’t say no to it! There’s a cheese shop in Beverly Hills| and my car is like a magnet to it. Luca is crazy about it| too. Love the cheese!””

On cutting back: “”I love my wine| but when I’m really trying to lose weight| that’s got to go. Alcohol is a trigger to make bad choices| just like when I get too hungry.””