How a Healthy Hilary Duff Balanced It All in 2014

How a Healthy Hilary Duff Balanced It All in 2014

After giving birth to her beautiful baby boy| Hilary Duff hit the workout scene hard| and 2014 was the year she showed off her amazing results in her comeback single. But this year has been no cakewalk for Hilary. While getting in the groove of motherhood| recording an album| and even shooting a brand-new TV show in NYC| she also separated from her husband| Mike Comrie. Regardless of what’s been on her plate in 2014| Hilary has managed to gracefully balance it all the old-fashioned way with hard work| consistency| and determination.

| She Mixes Up Workouts

While Hilary has always loved doing Pilates| it was after giving birth to baby Luca that she started working with LA trainer and boxing instructor Gabe Johns to mix up her routine and shed the baby weight.

Gabe told New Beauty| “”The key to really losing weight u2014 especially stubborn baby weight u2014 is that the workout must be constantly evolving.”” A typical workout for Hilary and Gabe? The two skip rope and run boxing combinations in three-minute intervals with one minute of rest and finish her workouts with a series of sprints up a steep hill. Sounds intense!

| She’s Honest About Her Postbaby Body

Hilary was outspoken about the universal pressures new mothers feel to take off weight. “”I think if you ask any pregnant mom| they’re like ‘I want my body back|’ but it takes time|”” she told Us Weekly. “”It takes nine months for your body to get that way and it’s putting on that weight on purpose.”” Hilary’s attitude is inspiring to all the new or expecting moms out there.

| She Looks on the Bright Side

In her teenage years| the former child star dealt with plenty of media scrutiny about her body| but she’s found a greater sense of confidence through exercise. “”I really do feel like working out has helped because you’re working hard for something. You feel stronger and a little more powerful|”” she says. “”Nobody is ever perfect| but it helps to look for things to feel good about| rather than things to feel bad about.””

| She’s All About Balance

Moderation and occasional indulgences are the keys to long-term weight-loss success| and Hilary is living proof that this technique works. “”I feel most healthy when I enjoy small bites of the things I love|”” she told Health. “”I used to feel bad about eating french fries u2014 I’d think that I had blown my diet. But you have to think| that’s OK| I’ll eat healthier tomorrow.””

| She Knows It’s About More Than Weight Loss

Beyond weight loss| Hilary told Health the positive mental benefits she gets from working out are just as important to her continued success. If she goes a week without a workout| Hilary “”get[s] in a funk“” and feels more “”agitated and impatient”” than usual. Just another reason to stick with the game plan!